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Best SEO Works

Organic SEO Works :

Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD offers organic search engine optimization services to help your website show up ahead of your competitor's websites.
Organic SEO is growing increasingly more complex as the number of websites on the internet is growing exponentially, and the number of different social media websites (and users) is increasing as well. If someone gives a page on your website a +1 using Google Plus, shares it with their Google Plus circles, shares an article from your site on Facebook or Twitter, or pins an image from your site onto Pinterest, this gives the search engines information that your website has content on it that is of interest to real people. The more shares, plus ones, and pins your site gets from unique internet users with real social media accounts, the better your website looks to the search engines.

How SEO Works :
Search engines use programs it’s called "crawlers" to quickly browse your website, understand what it's about, and remember that when serving search results. Crawler is one type of programmed to make for understand a website as similarly to humans as possible: they try to understand the value of the information you provide and the layout of your website to determine how valuable visiting your website. Search engines also track user behavior on your website, and when users stay on your website, they consider it to be more relevant.
Creating an SEO strategy can give your company or brand a boost in the search engines. Why not improve your ROI today

Inexpensive Quality SEO Services Ahmedabad

Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD our affordable SEO services take your online presence to the top results in the search engines results driving you more traffic, visitors and leads.
Although there are many SEO service providers everywhere around and especially in India as well as Ahmedabad, we just rise like full moon between the stars of a dark night, but why?
Our SEO services, internet marketing and social media marketing gets you real measurable business results in terms of.


We offer you market leading digital marketing services for a very competitive price, because our work force is from Ahmedabad in India in which the labour force wages are relatively cheap.


We are available whenever needed for support and pre-sales inquiries. We are available 24/7 and within the holidays. You can rely on us; we take proper care of your business and needs.


We know the internet market and how to reach customers through it, because during our years of experience, we have already successfully completed many SEO and marketing projects which have exceeded the expected results.

Web Hosting Services in Ahmedabad

If you are website administrator or business owner who owns a website then this blog is for you. In this blog we are giving you the overview about web hosting services.

web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. In simple words Web Hosting is the service that provides space on the Internet for websites. For fast and smooth operation you need a best hosting service provider. We at Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD provides best hosting services in Ahmedabad to our various clients across the globe. Being a market leader in web hosting industry we explain you the benefit of good web hosting and how to choose good web hosting service provider.

To understand the web hosting technicality and what is good for your website it is important to understand the server types available in the market. Basically there are two major category servers are available e.g. Linux based web hosting and window based web hosting. You have to check with your web developer that which hosting you require based on the development technology. Once the technology is final then various options available for you to choose based on your website traffic, if you have huge number of visitors then you should choose dedicate web hosting or VPS web hosting. A virtual private server can serve your requirement well and it can be managed by the web hosting provider itself. If your website have nominal web traffic then shared web hosting will be good for you hence it is cost effective and can be purchase in nominal amount.

Before purchasing any web hosting services you should ask your web hosting provider that how much space you are getting, what will be the bandwidth and how many third party tool you can integrate along with email ids. Basis on mentioned points Web Hosting Company provide you hosting plansWeb Hosting plans vary as per above mention services starting from INR 1000 to lakhs. You can also go for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting but cost will more as compare to shared hosting.

What is SEO and why it is important?

Why do we need SEO?
In today’s scenario, from a small scale industry to a multinational company, everybody is talking about ways to get more and more traffic to their sales page so as to make more and huge profits. Once you have a website and it’s looking good now you just need people to see it, people who are interested in purchasing your product or service. Have you ever thought? What would happen if your site had no visitors? Then there would be no reason to have a website, and all your time, money and effort would be lost. To overcome from this problem SEO is the solution, once you start a SEO campaign you will realize the benefits of search engine optimization.

Why SEO is important for your online success?
I will give you a basic overview of what SEO is, how it can be used for your business, and how you can make money off of it. Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase a website’s visibility and traffic.  There are plenty of search engine in market eg – Google, Yahoo, Bing , AOL etc. however Google is the main player in search engine market. If your website is not SEO friendly you will not get good position by your business keywords. If you go for a professional SEO service by taking the help of SEO experts your website will come in top of the Google result hence you will get more business inquiries. It is very well-known fact that more inquiries leads to more business.

How much does SEO cost?
SEO is not one day or one time process by which you can get permanent rank in search result, it is an ongoing process which needs to be done with expertise and experience. There are several people and company who claim that by their SEO technique you will get result in overnight but practically it is not possible. Many people don’t realize that not all websites are created with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when a website is designed around known search engine algorithm variables. Search Engine Optimization is step by step process to optimize your web pages as per search engine. As far as SEO Cost is concern we at ARE InfoTech – Best SEO Provider Company in Ahmedabad can assure you that it is the cheapest marketing technique with guaranteed result. We have various SEO packages based on website competition and number of keywords which starts from INR 5000 to INR 25000 per month. It may vary depending upon the website design, keyword competition and service period. It is important that your search engine optimization activity should be in safe hand.
For more information about SEO packages, SEO Cost, SEO benefits, Importance of SEO in digital marketing keep reading our blog post. For professional SEO services contact our sales team and get free SEO audit of your website Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD.

Local SEO Tips for Indian small Businesses

Indian is second fastest growing economy in the world hence Indian businesses is noticed worldwide from internet. Our government is continuously working towards digital India mission that enables increasing percentage of Indian people finding out about products and services by searching online. If you are a business owner and reading this blog then you should plan ahead your budget considering Digital marketingtechniques such as SEO and Social Media Promotion as a priority.

SEO lead generation for your business can be a costlier affair depending on what you want to achieve from SEO campaign, that’s why most people spend a long time looking for the best SEO services for them. We at Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD as a market leader SEO Company in Ahmedabad can suggest some tips for local business owners for their internet marketing needs. If you do not have big budget for PPC and looking for organic SEO then some good methodology may help you to generate traffic on your website. There are some steps to achieve good result in nominal budget.

Hire SEO expert - The first step towards achieving good SEO result is hiring best SEO Company or SEO expert for your campaign. A top ranked SEO Company in search result itself can help you to run your SEO campaign. Your SEO agency will help you to stay ahead of the curve and rule in your business domain.

Finding the Right Audience – being a business owner you have to focus on your major audience. Sometime you have a product or services for everyone still you have to find out which age group / gender or category buying your product or service most. Based on your research designed the entire SEO campaign around them for quick results.

Geo Location Based Keywords – Indian people usually search based on Indian English and slang hence the keywords should cover all this aspect while designing a SEO strategy for your local business. Do not forget to submit your local business to Google Places for business; it will redirect your web visitor to your physical shop or office.

For more information about SEO and FREE SEO audit for your local business, feel free to contact ARE InfoTech – Best SEO provider in Ahmedabad and get your website check for SEO.

Important Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

If you are a business owner and looking for more customer for your product and service than this is the right article for you. We are explaining the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - It is the process of getting your website ranked highly in the search engine results page. The potential benefits of SEO are huge for businesses. Google, Yahoo and MSN all have different procedures and measures for reaching the top of their search results. This means that a finely balanced, tailored approach will allow an individual website to stand out from the crowd and be seen. With SEO, you can accomplish following – 
1. Find new customers and increase sales - SEO will help you gain top rankings in search engine result pages and this translates to more targeted visits and essentially to more customers. It is obvious that SEO process will give you new customers and increase the sale.

2. Explore new geographical market – Website is a medium where anybody who has internet access can see your products and services despite of their geographical location. It is noticed that after SEO you will get customer from various other locations hence it will develop a new geo market for you. 3. Build brand awareness - One of the most important advantages of ranking in the top positions of the search engine is brand awareness. More people will see your products and services hence your brand popularity will increase.

4. Bypass competition – It is noticed that two business selling similar products at similar prices have a different growth. One of them has a search engine optimized website and the other one has a non-optimized web presence means less customer. You can bypass you competition with SEO easily.

5. Better conversion – SEO process will make your website fast, easy to use and compatible with smart devices. If you give good usage experience to your visitor than they love to buy your product or services online hence better conversions of your visitor to your customer is guaranteed. 
To get the maximum benefits of SEO you need a good SEO expert company. We at Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD – a leading SEO company in Ahmedabad provides best SEO in affordable price to small and medium scale business. We have years of experience in SEO and know the importance of SEO. For more information about our SEO Company in Ahmedabad visit our website and call us anytime.

SEO Professional in Ahmedabad

Finding a reliable and trusted SEO professional can be time consuming, frustrating, and expensive if you get it wrong. If you understand how valuable SEO can be for your business and want to increase sales, user experience on your website and out rank your competition than you need to get in touch with a SEO company like Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD. We help business become more profitable by attracting purchase-ready customers. More websites are taking advantage of our SEO professional services because it is proven to provide greater results, not only in the short span of time but in long term as well.

How It Works ?

Whenever our SEO Professionals take over any project we do extensive research about your competition. A proper research about competition and keyword analysis enable us to decide right marketing strategy for your website. Our SEO professionals are up-to date with latest SEO techniques and algorithms hence result is guaranteed. We will assign a dedicated SEO professional to coordinate with you on daily basis for content related needs. We have transparent reporting mechanism so that you will always be updated about your progress on internet.

Request a Free Consultation ?

To find out where your website is ranking organically please submit your website and get free SEO Audit report from SEO professional. Our expert team will guide you for your future internet marketing road map. If you wish to meet personally and discuss SEO opportunity for your website feel free to contact us and one of our SEO professional visit you in person. To know more about our SEO Company in Ahmedabad visit website and read our other blog post.

How much does SEO cost ?

If you are a business owner or website admin and looking for affordable SEO packages or want to know more about SEO cost than you are at absolutely right place. Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD is leading SEO Company in Ahmedabadand serving clientele in India and other part of the world. Being the market leader in SEO we have been asked about SEO pricing and method of its calculation on various occasions. Our SEO experts identify some key factors on which SEO cost will usually work. This blog post will give you an idea about how SEO cost works.

Key Factors for SEO Cost

There are several parameters on which SEO companies usually calculate the cost however the most important parameter is your competition. SEO is all about performing better than your competitor on search results and hence consider most critical cost deciding factor.
Geographical Reach
SEO techniques vary based on your target locations. If you are targeting multiple countries the strategy and efforts will be different compare to a local business that has major target audience in one city only. For example a restaurant in Ahmedabad will get customers from Ahmedabad only however an export firm may target multiple countries.
Keywords play an important role in SEO cost. It’s not about the quantity of keywords but the competition from the particular keyword matters. SEO companies usually provide 10 -15 keyword SEO packages however the keyword you are choosing is more important than the total number when it comes SEO pricing.
Target Audience
There are various bifurcations when it comes to target audience for your product or service. It can be based on age group, gender, educational qualification, professional level, purchase capacity and many more. To market your product or service from SEO you need to understand target audience mindset. Based on target audience entire SEO strategy develops hence it can be considered as major SEO cost deciding factor.
The duration for which you require SEO service can be the cost deciding factor. Ideally SEO process took 5-6 months however based on your competition and other ranking factor it may increase.
Above are some major SEO cost factors however to get an idea about exact costing or affordable SEO packages feel free to contact us. Our SEO experts in Ahmedabad will provide you a free SEO audit along with suitable SEO quotation.

What Qualities You Must Look For In An SEO Expert?

Today, businesses spend thousands of rupees on SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure that websites reach their targeted audience and have a strong presence online. SEO may generate lots of business leads and potential customers however it’s all about SEO expert you are hiring for your business website. Finding the best SEO expert in Ahmedabad is tedious task hence everybody claim to be the best in the business.
So how do you find the best SEO expert in Ahmedabad?
There are a lot of factors to think about when hiring an SEO expert in Ahmedabad to handle your online visibility and search engine promotion. Some of the important factors are:
  1. Industry Reference – It is mandatory to look for reviews and people should talk about them in positive manner. The best SEO expert must have generated positive feedback and reviews from clients for their previous work. Reputable SEO companies in Ahmedabad can offer references, too, so you can double-check their credentials and accomplishments.
  2. Research Approach – SEO is all about ruling your competition and getting ahead from your nearest competitor hence the knowledge of SEO expert about your industry is crucial. Usually SEO companies in Ahmedabad apply general approach for your website which your competitor might have already used. By applying normal SEO strategy sometime wouldn’t give you proper result hence proper research about your product or services is essential. SEO expert should understand your target audience, seo location of your target market, search patterns and much more deep insight about your business.
  3. Flexibility – SEO Companies in Ahmedabad are very rigid when it comes to approach and usually based on number of keywords. Their price and SEO packages mainly depend on number of keywords you are targeting however you need leads rather than particular keyword position. A more streamlined approach is always the smarter choice. Don’t settle for a universal solution to address your unique requirement.
  4. Realistic Expectations – Being a business owner sometime you may have some random expectations e.g. – first position on all country from a particular keyword or thousand visitor per day on your website etc. SEO expert should be transparent enough to tell you what is and isn’t possible. SEO Companies usually agree on all your random expectation however a good SEO expert will give you a realistic approach for your SEO.
  5. Duration – Unlike other marketing campaign SEO will give you result after few months’ work. Based on your product or services, target audience and target location the duration may vary and SEO expert should give you proper duration estimate while taking contract.

How to Hire a SEO Company in Ahmedabad?

Why you need best SEO Company in Ahmedabad?

If you are looking for SEO services in Ahmedabad, you must be aware about the benefits of SEO. It is very important for any SEO Company in Ahmedabad to understand your potential customer phycology. Potential customers are impatient and being top 10 positions in the search engine results means that you’re more likely to get clicks to your website. Unfortunately, there are a number of SEO companies in Ahmedabad out there who don’t play fair and not aware about latest SEO guidelines, often using old techniques in an attempt to manipulate search engines. These techniques, and the SEO Companies in Ahmedabad that use them, should be avoided at all costs as Google does not easily provide ‘second chances’. Once you get blacklist it is very hard to revive with the same domain.

How long does it take SEO to work?

As we mentioned a bad SEO technique harm you badly in search engine result hence you should hire the right SEO Company in Ahmedabad. SEO is a long process and won’t work overnight. If an SEO Company promises quick results avoid them because organic SEO require few months to get visibility and short practice may penalize your domain. Whomever you are choosing as SEO Company asks them to follow proper Google guideline. Google SEO require at least 4 months to a year before you expect to start seeing real search results from strategy implementation.

SEO Audit

All SEO Companies in Ahmedabad provide free SEO audit to your website. Many SEO companies in Ahmedabad may give you a general SEO roadmap however no website have a set roadmap as far SEO is concern. SEO strategies vary business to business hence a proper understanding of your target audience, geo location of your customer and customer phycology is more important rather than a general SEO roadmap.

SEO Content Writers in Ahmedabad

You are at right place. Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD is a digital marketing company with SEO Content writers and other team members in Ahmedabad. We specialize in SEO Content writing, blog writing and content generation for various marketing campaigns. If you have been struggling to find SEO content writers in Ahmedabad for your complex topics or thought leadership content, we are likely to be a great choice for you.

Our Digital Marketing Story

Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD was established in 2008 as a website design company in Ahmedabad. Since our inception we focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation. Now we are full spectrum digital marketing company with two more branch offices. Our Udaipur office has seen tremendous growth in very short span of time. We are planning to expand our operations in other part of Gujarat and Rajasthan soon. We have more than 800 plus customers collectively till June, 2017. Right now we are serving leading brands and companies in Ahmedabad.

Our SEO Content Writing Charges

Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD is leading digital marketing company in Ahmedabad and the major reason for that is our affordable quality services. We know that your objective of SEO Content writing is to get an edge over your competitors. Our SEO content writers in Ahmedabad will do an extensive research on your competition. SEO content writing charges may vary based on industry, geo location of target audience, literacy level of target audience etc. It starts from few hundreds and may go to few thousand bucks per page.

Our Focus Areas

As we mentioned that we are a full spectrum digital marketing company hence our SEO content writers in Ahmedabad are well versed with SEO techniques. Our focus would be on SEO hence our written content will be fresh, relevant and impactful. Our SEO content writers work with our SEO experts to understand the key points about SEO and write accordingly.

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Ahmedabad E-commerce Web Development Company

An online store or Ecommerce website is the best marketing tool for your need and we at Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD help you to achieve your goal. Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD is leading Ahmedabad e-commerce web development company serving clientele worldwide since last 9 years.

Ecommerce Website Development – Need of the hour

The Internet scenario has changed the way people shop now days. Ecommerce exposes your products and business to a vast number of prospective buyers who you would otherwise probably not have contact with your business. Online shopping is safe, secure and fast hence becoming popular day by day. Businesses who don’t have online store or ecommerce website are suffering from low sell. Above facts and current sells figure of major ecommerce companies shows that ecommerce website development is the need of the hour for all businesses. Being the market leader as Ahmedabad ecommerce web Development Company, we provide tailored solution to your needs. We ensure solid and sound operations.

Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD – A reliable name for developing your online presence

Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD is one of the trusted name in ecommerce website development in Ahmedabad. We make ecommerce safe, easy to use for administrator and is designed to maximize sales potential. Being the leading ecommerce website development company we developed a process which ensures that our clients business grows well beyond expectation. Our ecommerce development team is dedicated and well versed with Magento, Open Cart and customized ecommerce solution for developing online business websites. We build all ecommerce websites with Google analytics, logistic partner API and any other third party tool which make your process smooth. Our approach is simple yet powerful for your business and you feel it in very first month.
With over 800 customers are using our website development services to manage their business and online presence, why not arrange an meeting with us to see how easy it is to start a ecommerce website. To know more about price and packages for ecommerce website feel free to contact us.