Monday, 28 August 2017

How much does SEO cost ?

If you are a business owner or website admin and looking for affordable SEO packages or want to know more about SEO cost than you are at absolutely right place. Krazy Mantra IT PVT LTD is leading SEO Company in Ahmedabadand serving clientele in India and other part of the world. Being the market leader in SEO we have been asked about SEO pricing and method of its calculation on various occasions. Our SEO experts identify some key factors on which SEO cost will usually work. This blog post will give you an idea about how SEO cost works.

Key Factors for SEO Cost

There are several parameters on which SEO companies usually calculate the cost however the most important parameter is your competition. SEO is all about performing better than your competitor on search results and hence consider most critical cost deciding factor.
Geographical Reach
SEO techniques vary based on your target locations. If you are targeting multiple countries the strategy and efforts will be different compare to a local business that has major target audience in one city only. For example a restaurant in Ahmedabad will get customers from Ahmedabad only however an export firm may target multiple countries.
Keywords play an important role in SEO cost. It’s not about the quantity of keywords but the competition from the particular keyword matters. SEO companies usually provide 10 -15 keyword SEO packages however the keyword you are choosing is more important than the total number when it comes SEO pricing.
Target Audience
There are various bifurcations when it comes to target audience for your product or service. It can be based on age group, gender, educational qualification, professional level, purchase capacity and many more. To market your product or service from SEO you need to understand target audience mindset. Based on target audience entire SEO strategy develops hence it can be considered as major SEO cost deciding factor.
The duration for which you require SEO service can be the cost deciding factor. Ideally SEO process took 5-6 months however based on your competition and other ranking factor it may increase.
Above are some major SEO cost factors however to get an idea about exact costing or affordable SEO packages feel free to contact us. Our SEO experts in Ahmedabad will provide you a free SEO audit along with suitable SEO quotation.

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